Ebony Nwanebu broke through as one of the captains for next weekend’s matches, but three of the second-week Athletes Unlimited pro volleyball captains held onto their titles.

Accordingly, when action resumes on Saturday, Team Nwanebu plays Team (Bethania) De La Cruz, and Team (Leah) Edmond plays Team (Jordan) Larson.

The competition is being conducted in Dallas, where all the players in the pro venture are housed and training. 

A new draft will be conducted Tuesday evening. 

After two full weekends of play, Larson leads with 1,828 points. 

De La Cruz is second with 1,670 points, Edmond third with 1,466, and Nwanebu fourth with 1,463.

Karsta Lowe, one of last week’s captains, leads the field with 96 kills and is averaging 5.33/set. De La Cruz is second with 84, 4.67/set.

Molly McCage, who has 60 kills, leads in hitting percentage at .550. Edmond leads with eight aces, and Samantha Seliger-Swenson (look for a story on her younger sister here at VolleyballMag.com later today) leads in assists with 211, 11.72/set.

Click here for the complete listing of all players’ stats.

The results of the second week:
Team De La Cruz 73, Team Lowe 76
Team Larson 70, Team Edmond 69
Team Larson 71, Team Lowe 69
Team De La Cruz 67, Team Edmond 59
Team Edmond 75, Team Lowe 57
Team De La Cruz 73, Team Larson 57

Here is the viewing schedule for the next round of matches:
Saturday, March 13
Team Nwanebu vs. Team De La Cruz, 6 p.m., FS2
Team Edmond vs. Team Larson, 8:30 p.m., FS2
Sunday, March 14
Team Edmond vs. Team De La Cruz,  p.m., FS1
Team Larson vs. Team Nwanebu, 8 p.m., FS2
Monday, March 15
Team Nwanebu vs. Team Edmond, 4 p.m., FS2
Team De La Cruz vs. Team Larson, 7 p.m., CBS Sports Network

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