Editor’s note: Our countdown to the start of the fall 2021 NCAA Division I volleyball season continues with this weekly look at the Big Ten, 14 programs in 14 Thursdays. 

Dana Rettke has a chance to be a five-time All-American now that she’s returning to Wisconsin for one more season.

The 6-foot-8 middle from Riverside, Illinois, talks about her decision, her future in the USA national-team gym, and, of course, where to eat in Madison.

Previously on B1G Volleyball Thursday, Ohio State’s Emily Londot and Purdue’s Taylor Trammell.
VolleyballMag.com contributor Emily Ehman is a former Northwestern libero, lived in the bubble in Dallas and covered the inaugural Athletes Unlimited volleyball this spring, and does analysis on Big Ten volleyball broadcasts. Follow her on Twitter @emilyehman and Instagram @emilyehman
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